Kelly Pryce Reel from Kelly P on Vimeo.

Pryce began performing stand-up comedy at age 24. Sacramento magazine called her comedy “brazen and fearless” for not shying away from risqué and R-rated material while still focusing on topics such as family life and children. Pryce commented to an interviewer for Capital Public Radio that “I have a family and I talk about them in not a family-act way,” joking that she wouldn’t let her children listen to her act until they were over 21. She has frequently toured with Dave Attell, and cites both Attell, Wanda Sykes, Judy Gold and Joan Rivers among her comedic influences.

To name a few, Pryce has performed on VH1’s Heartbreakers Hall of Shame, NickMom Night Out, Lopez Tonight, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, the TLC show, “What She Said” and more pilots than she has children that has never seen the light of day.

From 2003 to 2006, she co-hosted a morning show on KWOD-FM in Sacramento. One of the first heritage alternative rock stations in the country. It was the #1 morning show in Sacramento during her time there.

After the radio show ended Kelly and her family moved to New York City where she worked in the highly competitive New York comedy scene performing at such legendary New York venues such as The Comedy Cellar, Caroline’s, Stand Up NY, The Village Underground and a million empty bars.

Pryce joined Lopez Tonight in 2010, writing topical, political monologues and sketches, and often performed in topical sketches. During her time on the show she was 1 of 7 females in the country who were writing for late night talk shows.

As for the future, Kelly has a new podcast coming out and probably many pilots that will never get made.